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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions were published June 1, 2014 and are effective immediately. AgeOfSpace may at any time update these terms and conditions, as long as users are informed.

2. AgeOfSpace Services

2.1. Conditions of Participation

To participate in the game AgeOfSpace, the user must accept these terms and conditions. They mainly deal with online services or what follows.

In addition to the general conditions applicable game rules in force. In case of conflict between these Terms of Use and the rules of the game, it is the provisions of the general conditions that have higher rank.

2.2. Prerequisites for using our services

Our websites are optimized for browsing via a desktop or laptop. Therefore, we can not guarantee the availability and flow of our services on other media such as smartphones and tablets.

The user must have the latest stable version of its internet browser to join and use our services. In addition, it must have a compatible web browsers with our platforms, including the complete list:
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
Our company can not be held liable for bugs and errors in the case of non-compliance with these prerequisites.

2.3. Responsibilities

Although AgeOfSpace should ensure that all its services are working properly, it is possible that some situations or circumstances are beyond our control. They can lead to a momentary stop or malfunction for an indefinite period. Thus, the user can have no claims for the proper functioning of services and services provided by AgeOfSpace.

AgeOfSpace can not be held responsible for a malfunction of one of its servers or bad programming (this is only one example among others).

However, the Staff of AgeOfSpace will make every effort to resolve any malfunctions of its services as quickly as possible.

2.4. Proprety

All the services we provide, including accounts and elements of its accounts, are the exclusive property of AgeOfSpace. They are set to provide players.

Elements available to the users are virtual objects. Actual transactions on an account are therefore prohibited (eg, a donation account in exchange for material goods is strictly prohibited).

A user account is not transferable without the express approval of AgeOfSpace or their representatives.

3. Membership and termination

3.1. Conditions of Membership

When a player enters the game or on the forum, he must accept the terms present here.

Membership is only possible for individuals. Permission to use is valid only individual (not for groups, families, etc ...). If the user has 13 or less than 13 years, it must guarantee to be in possession of a valid permit his legal representative.

Upon accession, the user must specify a player name and a valid email address. AgeOfSpace reserve the right to verify the validity at any time and take the necessary steps in case of disability.

The email address is used to identify an owner for the loss of his or her login. Therefore, it is impossible to transmit a report to the owner if the email address is invalid.

When you join, you authorize AgeOfSpace to send you the newsletter. However, you can unsubscribe from it by clicking déscincription on the link that is at the bottom of each email "NewsLetter".

3.2. Termination by User

The user can decide not to use the services provided by AgeOfSpace. To do this, it may remove his or her account platforms our business. Deletion of accounts is automatically terminated these conditions. However, this deletion may be delayed for technical issues.

The user automatically accepts and powerless to oppose the termination of this contract in case of absence of more than 90 days (no connection to our server). However, there are several exceptions that cancel after termination inactivity: the account is in pause mode or you have made ​​at least one act of purchase on the game

AgeOfSpace reserves the right to give an account after résilitation through an automatic donation. When the system performs this donation, all personal user data such as email addresses, IP addresses, messages, are permanently removed.

3.3. Termination by Company

If the user does not comply with these terms and conditions / or game rules when using our services, then AgeOfSpace reserves the right to delete or block (s) account (s) of the user, although this does not exclude the possibility of additional sanctions. The deletion of the account is determined by the administrator or one of the moderators of the service (in accordance with Regulation of the game, the general conditions and French law).

Any claims for the deletion account can be brought to the forum (in the section provided for this purpose). It may be no legal claims concerning the closure of an account. The Company may decide at any time to suspend all of its services and remove all accounts. For this, a member of the company must notify users before the termination of their accounts via a visible message on the AgeOfSpace site. In the latter case, the minimum period between the announcement of closure and suspension of services (and thus deletion of accounts) is one month.

3.4. Refund

If the user requests it, it can be refunded within 24h following his or her purchases Paypal (only valid on purchases from us, via the payment method "Paypal" and if you didn't use the credits). If you wish to be reimbursed for purchases made via Allopass, you must contact your own way to get a refund. Of course, the services obtained through these purchases will be removed from your account.

Beyond this period, no refund will be made by the company, even in the event of termination. Indeed, when a user accepts an expense, then it does not give him the right to request a refund after a termination by the user or by the company.

Finally, a user can not ask to be refunded following a bug or error that occurred on one of our services. However, we will make every effort to fix bugs contastés in the shortest time according to availability. As self-entrepreneur, it is possible that these deadlines are of the order of several weeks for larger bugs.

3.5. Law on Financing

When an account is funded in part by a user through Pay extensions, that has access only which is why he paid: it can not claim more than the extension he bought anything.

We recall that all purchases made on this site are only virtual and they do not give any additional rights to the user with respect to a "lambda" user who has not bought extension.

4. Contents, damage and hacks

4.1. Content

AgeOfSpace is a game, so we set up a platform that puts players in relationship. Only the user is responsible for what he wishes to others. Our company can not be held responsible. Thus, about pornographic, xenophobic, offensive or illegal content are not permitted and are the civil and / or criminal perpetrators.

Nevertheless, moderation and administration strives to erase and remove about a user fault. In addition, AgeOfSpace reserves the right to block and / or delete the accounts of those users without notice. These penalties do not exclude possible civil and / or criminal prosecution, if the company deems it necessary.

Similarly, the company can not be held responsible for illegal about one of its volunteer representatives (eg moderation).

4.2. Dommages

AgeOfSpace is not liable for damages, regardless of gravity, caused by the use of one of our services. The company reminds players that the excessive use of video or computer games can cause severe physical disabilities and / or mental. Each user is assumed to have known, and therefore accepts the risks.

4.3. Hacks and / or attempted piracy

Piracy is punishable by law. Hacking or hacking attempts is liable to prosecution. Is here referred hacking servers and services company, but also user accounts. Any attempt or hacking will result in penalties such as blocking of the account or the offending IP address. Criminal penalties for cyber crime can go up to 5 years in prison and 75,000 euros fine.

AgeOfSpace has established a system of data encryption. Therefore, hacking a player account can only be due to a password too easy to hack (or it is too short, or the password is too simple). We advise you not to use the words of everyday life, but rather to compose a password with numbers and letters with no meaning.

The user is obliged to maintain strict confidentiality of its login. It also requires only enter login credentials on the pages of the website operated by AgeOfSpace. Thus, we strongly recommend the user to verify that it is on the right authentication page before filling the access code when connecting.

In the case of non-compliance with the conditions described above, the company shall not be liable for any theft or hacking to account, as well as their consequences.

5. Prohibited actions

5.1. User actions

The user has no right to perform actions that slow the site AgeOfSpace, either through a script or something else. He has not the right to block the site, modify or restate the content or any other official content redirected by a member of AgeOfSpace without prior permission from the administrator.

5.2. Progammes

It is strictly forbidden to use programs other than a standard web browser to navigate on our website (use and visualization). AgeOfSpace is particularly any scripts or programs called "Bot" that allow you to perform actions automatically. The use of any add-ons and script to simplify, facilitate, and replace a human is prohibited and may result in heavy penalties.

To minimize cheating on the game AgeOfSpace, using VPN / proxy or another program to hide the origin and / or IP address of the user is prohibited. The access to the game is not suitable for all persons wishing to keep their confidential information.

5.3. Usurpations

It is strictly forbidden for a user to impersonate a member of the company or a member belonging to the moderation team AgeOfSpace. The impersonation "virtual" a member of the team will result in a permanent and automatic ban from our services.

5.4. Automatic connection

The user must connect "manually" from the AgeOfSpace homepage. Openings and automatic connections is strictly prohibited.

6. Rules and limitations

6.1. Account quantity

The user can not create a single account per universe, if anything it will be considered a non-regulatory Client. The above rule applies to all of our universe, but it can be certified by a member of staff (read the rules to learn more). The non-regulatory Client can be sanctioned without notice by various means: warning, suspension of offending accounts and / or deleting accounts

6.2. Rules

If a player is registered on one of our universe, on one of our sites or on the forum, he must accept the terms and conditions (the present) and settlement service which it adheres. Therefore, he knows all the general rules and conditions as it has read and accepted.

6.3. Non-respect

Due to a breach of the game rules or terms and conditions, the user may be blocked temporarily or permanently. The blockage may be valid in some or all of the services offered by AgeOfSpace.

7. Personal data and CNIL

7.1. Data Backup

AgeOfSpace backup your personal data in order to verify compliance with the contest rules and terms and conditions. These data can be technical (IP address, connection time, browser used, operating system, email provided during registration address) but they can also be statistical (number of purchases, average age, gender) or even personal.

These data could be provided either at the request of the company when creating the account or, where applicable, provided voluntarily by the user.

AgeOfSpace makes every effort to safeguard your personal data securely. However, the company can not be held responsible the leakage of such data in the case of hacking of one of its services.

7.2. Communication

AgeOfSpace reserves the right to disclose all of this information to French authorities in order to protect its interests or in case of any breach of legal provisions.

7.3. National Commission on Informatics and Libertiess

Nous rappelons à nos utilisateurs que, pour le respect de la protection de leurs données personnelles, détaillé dans le présent paragraphe, AgeOfSpace est enregistrée à la CNIL sous le numéro 1 538 743 (Fichiers clients-prospects) et le numéro 1 538 741 (Traitements statistiques).

7.4. Application and removal

You can ask AgeOfSpace to provide you with any personal data about you for this, contact us via the following email address: (EMAIL). If you request deletion of your personal data, it will automatically result in the removal and termination of all your user accounts.

7.5. Google Analytics

AgeOfSpace used Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (Google).

Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files placed on your computer, to help the website analyze how users use the site by its users. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

Google uses this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity to AgeOfSpace and providing other services relating to website activity and use Internet.

Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required by law or where such third parties process the information on Google's behalf, including notably the publisher of this site. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google.

You can disable the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. However, this may prevent you from using certain features of this website. Using platforms AgeOfSpace, you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes described above.

7.6. Data transfer

Your personal data will naturally not be sold to third parties. However, AgeOfSpace transmit to third parties the personal data provided by you, Furthermore the use of Google Analytics, only in the following cases: providers of payment services (PayPal, AlloPass, PaysafeCards) host (KNOWNHOST). These providers have access to your personal information in the permissible allowing them to perform their tasks limit. These service providers are required to process your personal data in accordance with this privacy of personal data and as basic laws governing data protection.

8. Rights of the company on the accounts

8.1. General

All accounts are the property AgeOfSpace. It is the same for all elements contained therein (the accounts) such as resources, units, buildings, technologies, etc ... No law, in particular those concerning the operation can not be granted to the user.

8.2. Operating ban

In general, without the written permission of the company is prohibited from contracting with a third party any agreement regarding the transfer, use or storage accounts or personal data. It is especially prohibited to sell accounts or resources (or other component of an account), or to make any profit by leaving accounts (or one of its components) in favor of a third party: Indeed, it is still the property of AgeOfSpace and therefore can not be trading.

The same prohibitions apply to personal data and use rights. Is particularly relevant here, any transaction against Allopass, or anything of value.

Violation of these rules or any other right of society, particularly those relating to copyright, will be transmitted to the authorities and confirmed by civil and / or criminal. Additional penalties may also be taken by the company, including the blocking of all accounts of the offending user.

8.3. Exception

It is possible to give a free account to another user, or exchange. However, these actions must comply with the regulations.

8.4. Elements of the game

The Company may make changes to the source code of the game on the operation and characteristics of virtual elements (building, technology, appliances, etc ...) at any time, without notice and without the need to prevent users.

All virtual elements available to the player may be subject to change and / or removal without the user can not deny (except by deleting his account).

9. Modifications

AgeOfSpace reserves the right to change (broadly) the general conditions and other provisions at any time. Modifications or extensions will be effective as soon as a member of AgeOfSpace announce these changes on a web media.

Once validated, these changes are retroactive: all accounts already created and all actions being processed or unprocessed, are then subjected to these new provisions, without the player being able to object other than by deleting his account.