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Update - Alliance Forum

08. Jan 2020, 00:00:00

Greetings players! In this latest update we have launched the alliances forum, this forum serves to allow communication between the players of an alliance. A...

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Fast « desciption » of the game

AgeOfSpace is a management / massively multiplayer strategy browser based game on a science fiction universe entirely invented.

From an infinitely small speck in a desolate nothingness there came Big Bang… The newly formed universe rushes outward at the speed of light and matter coalesced into a fabulous array of galaxies. Eons pass as the universe expands and tiny sparks of life emerge and grow some even evolve into ecosystems and eventually intelligent life forms emerge, but not all survive the harsh nature of the universe that birthed them, one race in particular dominated the universe for an epic period but they disappeared and only relics remain to show their empire even existed. Now is the time for your culture to rise but many others also want to rise above you and dominate the universe - do you have what it takes to be the dominant force?

AgeOfSpace has begun and many are heeding the call to join other cultures and together take the title of dominant alliance in a universe that needs to be explored as much as conquered. So it s time to leave your Earthly existence and sign up to colonize your own galaxy in what will possibly be the best free browser game of 2016

You think you can compete with other nations to impose your ideology, your laws? Join the players already just waiting to do battle!

Discover a unique space and ground game of its kind, where the warm and supportive community just waiting to grow and spend quality time with you.

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